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Scout Workshops

The Center for Aquatic Sciences is happy to offer workshops to compliment the Girl Scout Journeys and Boy Scout badges with hands on activities, live animals and science! Workshops can accommodate up to 30 scouts and 3 leaders (only scouts working on the Journey or badge may attend the workshop. Tag-alongs are welcome to enjoy the aquarium during the workshop, and meet up with the group afterwards.). The cost is $75 per ½-hour workshop, plus the cost of group admission. Please note: Scout workshops at the aquarium are designed to complement the topics covered on your scouts’ Journey or badge. Workshops do not include completion of the Journey workbook, nor do they fulfill all badge requirements.

  • Scouts can choose from the ½ hour classes listed below
  • Price:
    • $75 for half hour classroom lesson, up to 30 Scouts, and 3 additional chaperones
    • Scouts can also book a ½ hour Top of Ocean Realm tour ($75 for up to 25 people)

Girl Scout Workshops
Workshops are designed to support Girl Scout Journeys. Programs include live animals, animal artifacts, and hands on science. Custom programs available upon request.

  • Brownies and Daisies: WOW Wonders of Water
    Discover the Wonders of Water and how all living things need water to survive. Explore the water cycle and how we can keep water clean for plants, animals, and people too! Includes a live animal encounter.

  • Juniors: Saving our Species
    Learn about endangered and threatened animals and how Aquarium biologist care for them. Discover how Adventure Aquarium is working to save our species locally and globally. Includes a live animal encounter.

Boy Scout Workshops
Workshops are designed to support scout merit badges. Programs include live animals, animal artifacts, and hands on science. Custom programs available upon request.

  • Cub Scouts: Critter Care
    What does it take to care for different animals at the Aquarium? How do you care for your pets at home? Discover what animals make good pets and which animals should be left to the professionals. Includes a live animal encounter.

  • Boy Scouts: Amazing Adaptations
    Animals have amazing adaptations to help them survive in their habitat. Explore the unique features that reptiles, birds, fish, and more use to fend off predators and hunt for prey! Includes a live animal encounter.

"Meet Us in the Wild" Field Programs

Our “Meet Us in the Wild” Field Programs take you and your group on an exciting educational outdoor adventure to one of New Jersey’s wild ecosystems. Designed for scout groups, but open to anyone, “Meet Us in the Wild” Field Programs run approximately 2 hours, with additional time set aside for lunch (not provided). These programs are tide and weather dependent, so advance booking is necessary and transportation to the field sites is not provided. Recommended for groups of up to 15 participants ranging from 8 years old to high school. Activities are chosen or altered to be age-appropriate

$225 per trip or please call for pricing for groups larger than 15. Contact scouts@aquaticsciences.org or Pre-Register below.

Pinelands Field Program

Let us lead your group through the heart of NJ’s “pine barrens” ecosystem. Far from barren, the pinelands are home to dozens of threatened and endangered species, including carnivorous plants, wild orchids, fish, frogs, snakes and birds, many of which are found nowhere else. During your adventure near Chatsworth, NJ, participants will hike through forests, examine streams and bogs, identify rare plants and animals, test soils, measure trees and examine the tea-colored waterways. Topics include soil and water chemistry, forestry, animal identification and pineland ecology. Fun for all!

Salt Marsh Field Program

Not for the weak of heart, this muddy experience takes a closer look at life between the tides. During low tide, participants will wade in creek beds to collect fish, sink in the mud to chase crabs, and experience one of New Jersey's most important ecosystems in a way very few people get to. The salt marsh site is located just outside Salem, NJ. Topics include salt marsh ecology, migration, native vs. invasive species, threats to the salt marsh, and marsh conservation. Note: a "dry" version of this trip is also available during the colder months of the year or for groups desiring a less rigorous experience

Beach Field Program

Fun in the sun with a little science. We’ll lead your group along a sandy beach while looking for signs of life and taking samples. Participants will measure water quality, wade in the water to turn over rocks in search of tiny creatures, use specialized collecting nets to sample for fish life, observe shore birds and enjoy the sun. The beach site is located just outside of Ocean City, NJ. Topics include oceanography, fish and bird identification, invertebrate biology, food webs, and beach ecology.

Please email scouts@aquaticsciences.org for more information or to reserve your program.